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Abhishek Acharya
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Why Nikon? Why 28mm? Every time I see a quality 28mm (or equivalent) lens I feel the camera manufacturers have taken it upon themselves to remind us how life is full of compromises... so you cannot have a 24mm or 35mm equivalent which have far greater acceptance around the world.. 28mm it is and you better accept it! The grip and MRP reminds me of V1, and its fate (shudder) I am pretty convinced Nikon doesn't know the target audience for this camera. But I guess we shouldn't be complaining much - this will be a darn good camera at half the MRP six months down the line... Cheers Abhishek [For some reason, 28mm is quite popular in Japan and quite unpopular elsewhere in the world. One of those little cultural things...inexplicable from both directions. --Mike]
Toggle Commented Mar 9, 2013 on All the Nikon Hate at The Online Photographer
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Mar 8, 2013