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It'd be nice if you could touch on the fact that "downloading" isn't the illegal part, and that all RIAA/MPAA cases have been built solely upon the "uploading" fact than downloading. The media is supersaturated with stories proclaiming the illegality of music and movie downloads, while the legal system is loaded with, specifically, cases against uploaders only. I find it also a curious case to consider that it is practically impossible to determine whether having a 3.0 ratio means you've shared the complete data of the torrent 3x times.. but rather, very well could have shared the first third of the data 9x times -- all incomplete copies (which would probably render an ISO unusuable) but merely total up to 3.0 in bytes transferred.. and calling it the "first third" itself is drastically oversimplified, since the torrent is broken up into eensy, random chunks from random sources and assembled like a jigsaw puzzle. If I were to get penalized by being a sharer for something, I'd prefer the penalty be fractionally representative of the specific fraction of the property I supposedly shared.. which begs the question, how much of a fraction of something indicates it was part of the whole? What if the file I distributed was a renamed joke torrent, uploaded by someone as "Grey's Anatomy s01e01" but the data itself was actually a Slovak sitcom that I had no idea I was sharing until it had completed? These kinds of issues never seem to make it into RIAA/MPAA cases.
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May 17, 2012