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Great job Jeff! Brilliant. With any decent internet connectivity and client-side encryption, this means an end to ye olde' tapes, external HDDs, BR, backup arrays and other hardware. It's also a very important news for individuals, because it enables a new way of thinking about storage and gigabytes (disk space) in general. It's a perfect companion to recent cloud-computing mindset and plethora of cloud-oriented devices (like ultrabooks with small, fast SSD storage, netbooks with little or no storage, smartphones). In many scenarios (for professionals and house holds alike) it potentially retires a lot of hardware solutions. I believe Glacier is a disruptive innovation. Because of slow access times it would not be fit for some use cases (like media content storage for creative audio/video editing, which sometimes necessitates random access to clips). But for everything else, and everything with "backup" in its name, it's a true game changer!
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Aug 21, 2012