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I was personally offended by the comment because I am myself a college dropout and before I was laid off (office closed and moved across the country), I was working with people with the same salary as me who not only had degrees but a few had post-graduate degrees and professional certifications. So I get offended when people imply that not having a college degree makes one a worse person or unintelligent, neither of which is true (I knew a guy with an English degree whose favorite author was Dan Brown FFS...and not "guilty pleasure" favorite, but actual "I love the writing" favorite). However, it only took me about two seconds of thought to realize that you were not insulting me or those like me, but rather were insulting a couple of spoiled brats who thought that they deserved better than to start at the bottom like everyone has to in their career, degree or no. For the record, I am trying to get back into school, but solely because I want to learn and want a degree for myself, not because of some future possible job prospects.
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I tried to view it. $15.00 for 24 hours of access is not a reasonable price (yes, that's really the price I was quoted). I understand the difficulties trying to run a scientific non-profit. However, if their goal is truly to promote science and expand the public knowledge...I think you can see my point.
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