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Wil, I'm sure you have heard everything in the book on how great you are. But I started to watch TNG when I was 14 because of you... and now 34 I still watch my DVD collection and think back on those great years. I read your book "Just a Geek"... and it has changed my life. I'm not a actor. but I have recently found myself unemployed (2years now) and after reading your book; learning how you struggled to support your family. I have to give you mad props! When things looked bad for you, you took it head on. Something I learned after reading you book. You made me feel that i'm not the only one. I used to work as a bookkeeper to pay the bills... now i'm a tattoo artist doing what i love to do. and this is because of YOU!... you changed my life and for that I thank you! You saved me when i was younger... my dad passed away when i was 15yrs and watching you on the tv... dreaming of the day i could thank you for helping me through that. I never dreamed that now at 34 you will be doing the same thing. I"m glad your writing and i'm glad your still around! Your wife is a VERY luck girl! I hope she realize that! Thank you Wil... you saved me... twice!
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Nov 28, 2010