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I think that the Bosh's flop against the Bulls in RS is even worst. Check it out: By the way...GO C'S Greetings from Italy
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I wrote you on Twitter, it's the first time I used it (always used Facebook). By the way I'm "Cerbys 86"...
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Thank you...I tried it but by now they only send it home and they are not going to send it out of the US. I found another web site, and this one is sending it even to Italy, the only problem is that the tickets are going to arrive the day I'm suppose to live to Boston. I think my only chance to get a ticket is the 6/2/10 on the Celtics website. I case I can't make it make same noise even for me. The Bank North Garden has to rock all night long!!
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Thank you...the fact is that I want to be sure to have at least one ticket for a game before booking the flight to Beantown. I'm going to try with and Do you know how they works? Thanks for your support...
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I was looking at that website. I didn't know if that was safe enough and I couldn't understand why they were not selling them on the official web site!! So if I find a ticket there is ok? Are they gonna send it home or I can purchase it when, I hope, I'll be in Beantown? I'm sorry if I'm asking you all this questions, the fact is that i really want to came and support the C's but I'll not book the flight if I'm not sure to have at least a ticket for a game!! Thank you for your support!!
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Hi everybody, I'm an italian celtic's fan and I just want to ask you when are they going to start selling the tickets for game 3/4. I'm asking you because I would like to come to Bean Town and enjoy the finals. On they send me to "ticketmaster", but they are not selling them. When are they going to start selling tickets? Is there anybody who can help me? Thanks and let's go CELTICS, beat LA!! p.s. I'm sorry to write stuff like this on this web site but I need some information about tickets!
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May 31, 2010