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I was going to comment to try and allay your long fears regarding that Lenten faux-paux, but I see Lady M has already done it. Shamrock shakes, delicious though they are, do not count as ice cream. You know, I just love this blogosphere. It seems every day I browse around I am led to yet another blog to bookmark. I'll be back to Binkytown!
Toggle Commented Mar 2, 2007 on Better than a Shake at Binkytowne
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Damn. Missed it, too. Let me say, without knowing you, that it seems to me that you are a rockin' mom who is doing the very best she can for her wee one. That is clear from your thoughtful and loving posts. I have zero to give in advice, even if you wanted it. I feel like I am hanging at the end of a very frayed rope myself. So far, at nine months, naps are still easy to get down for and last a good amount of time. Middle of the night, however, is its own hellish story that we, for the time being, are pretty much refusing to address, due to Lil's current developmental stage. We average 2-5 nightwakings, and lately, have been dealing with an awake baby who is inconsolable and has trouble, even with our vast arsenal of repeated nursings and back-rubbing and walking and bouncing, getting back to a sound slumber. Monday night, she was awake and miserable from 9:45pm to 12:45am. We were this close to jumping from the window. And then she still woke up two more times after that. I feel so bloody exhausted and unsteady at times, like someone who has spent a little too much time at the pub consuming multiple whiskey sours. (But without all the fun that usually entails.) So, I can feel your frustration. One, at desperately needing sleep yourself. And two, your daughter needing sleep as well. Sending sleepy toddler vibes your way. Hang in.
Toggle Commented Jul 26, 2006 on I Am Just Fine at Leery Polyp
That is one of the coolest, funnest times...that transition from crawling to walking. Amazing how much more grown up they suddenly seem. Thank goodness, then, that even with all their walking and exploring, they still haven't burned off the layer of fat around their wrists and ankles that leaves the rubberband-type line. That delicious line seems to be last vestige of babyhood.
Toggle Commented Jul 24, 2006 on In Which I Give You What You Want at Leery Polyp