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As my son once said to me about a teacher... he has no respect for us kids so why should I listen to him. Respect and trust given to your child will come back 10 fold. Wait till they are relaxed and chatty then work a few questions into the conversation. Level tone, not demanding or confrontational. Don't overreact if they tell you something. Keep calm or you'll further frighten or cause embarassment for them. Be discreet. They don't want everyone knowing or being the cause of trouble at school. Travelling in the car has brought up some pretty interesting conversations at our house when the kids were young. More so without the electronics. What else is there to do when travelling but talk and watch out the window. Another place is at a campfire. For some reason when I was a leader in Scouts, when a child had something to tell, that's when it came out. You're sitting watching the fire, quiet at the end of the day. The kid says what do you think about this or what would you do if this happened to you....the conversation begins and you go from there. Let them know they are not alone and can always count on you to help. A wise friend of mine once said that when her children came busting through the door after school, you heard a flurry of tales about what they did at school and silly things that happened. The days she worked, she came home 1/2 hour after they did and asked "What happened at school today?"...the answer.."nothing much" I put that theory to the test and it was so true. I hadn't really noticed it before. If you can afford to be home when they arrive, be there for them.
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Sadly, sometimes there are no signs. Great marks, willing to go to school, still laughing. Another parent walking by the schoolyard happens to see it and it all comes to light. Look at their friends and how many children they hang with. In the schoolyard, the teacher comes around and there a problem...the kids say "just playing". The teacher walks on thinking 'boys will be boys' and it continues. Cirlcle kicking, name calling, shoving, holding them down on the ground. It wasn't just playing and that's how they got away with it at our school. It was several against 3, not just one being bullied. Maybe that's why it continued for so long. Know your child and his/her friends. Know those friends parents. As a team, you look out for each other. Be approachable and pay attention. Help boost their confidence so they already think wonderful things about themselves and less likely to believe hurtful things others say. It can happen to any child in one form or another.
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Apr 16, 2010