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Place the cursor over the graphic in order to save an Image. if you have windows Right-click the right mouse button. Then a popup will come up. Save the image in your hard drive by pressing Save. You can accept the current file name or rename it. (The graphic files are usually in .jpg or .gif. ) To print a web page use the Print button on the toolbar, which helps you print a web page. Some web pages are split into multiple sections called frames. It is only possible to print one frame at a time. To print a particular frame, first select it by clicking it. Then press the print button or choose Print Frame from the File menu. Here is more help in printing web pages. Continue reading
Posted Feb 2, 2011 at A Complete Thought
In your browser menu bar, click Options, choose General Preferences, then choose the Appearance tab. In the text box type explorer starts with the web page address you want as your home page. then click OK. To specifying a Home Page In the Internet Explorer: Go to the website you want to be your home page. In the browser menu bar, click View, select Options, then select the General tab. then in the Address text box, type the website address you want to be your home page. For Information about installing other home pages see mywebpage. Continue reading
Posted Feb 2, 2011 at A Complete Thought
Among the most useful buttons on the toolbar on your browser include: the Back button which Returns to the previous page; The Forward button which Returns to the next page from a page that had turned back; the home button which takes you to the home page specified in your browser preferences; the Reload or Refresh button which Downloads web page from the server again; the Stop button which loads the current page by the browser; the Print button which Allows you to take a copy of the document or framework currently loaded in your browser. Then there is: the Access indicator icon (top right) whcih When prompted gets your browser to retrieving data; the Status bar (bottom left) which Reports on the progress of the download data; the Goto Menu which Allows you to select a Web page to which previously agreed; Text-only mode (button images) which Prevents the loading of graphics, providing faster access to web pages. Continue reading
Posted Feb 2, 2011 at A Complete Thought
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Feb 2, 2011