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I think that sometimes we connect "difficulty" with "speed" I do agree that these charts can be difficult to interpret, but I wonder if that's because we assume they should be as quick to parse as a bar chart. If you commit the time to deciphering the chart, it becomes simple to interpret. So: is it fundamentally "difficult" or is it just "time consuming"? I like your remakes, btw.
Great post - this is an area that can help people out greatly, but isn't particularly well documented anywhere. Nice to see it blogged about. Andy
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Nice post, Robert - this is a useful chart. Joe's additional method and your comment make perfect sense to me: there's the quick/dirty/effective way and the more complex but cleaner method. Both are effective and depend on the time/skill you have to dedicate to the solution.
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Richard - well done on a great series of posts. These are probably some of the most complicated Tableau-blog posts I've come across, but very enlightening. You're knowledge of calculated fields and ability to analyse what's going on is very impressive. As you probably know, I've barely scratched the surface with advanced calculated fields so far. However, this series of posts has, as a minimum, given me some great tips to consider when getting into that area of functionality. Andy
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Great post, and thanks for the links to my blog! I love that you're taking Tableau's benchmarks and applying them to Excel. The Action Bluffing is a particularly great solution. Keep up the great work! Andy
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Nice post. Love the example. With v6 you will be able to use parameters to automatically hang the centre of your circle. Parameters are a fantastic new tool.
Toggle Commented Oct 11, 2010 on Calculated Fields in Tableau at Clearly and Simply
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Excellent post - I love this kind of emulation. As you say, it may not always be a practical application but the learning process is a great way to push the boundaries of the products, and your knowledge. Well done! Andy
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Great post - nice to see you trying to demystify Actions. I think they're extremely powerful, and easy to implement. The biggest difficulty is maintenance, if your workbook grows and evolves overtime. Trying to unpick Actions and redesign the way they work can be quite a challenge!
Toggle Commented Aug 22, 2010 on The Power of Tableau Actions at Clearly and Simply
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A seemingly simpleton answer: I love the good ones, hate the bad ones. There's no point doing an infographic if it doesn't assist the viewer's understanding of the issues. But if you get it right, you can make a stronger point.
Toggle Commented Apr 14, 2010 on Whither infographics at Junk Charts
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