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I had that happen to me. I stupidly left my Nook on the plane flying to the family Christmas. I quickly contacted B&N to blacklist it, but then I was emailed by the gentleman who found it several weeks later. Then again, it's been three months and he still hasn't actually returned it... oh, well. I just went ahead and got a new one.
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That trailer had shades of TRON, WarGames and Buckaroo Banzai to it. I don't need to tell you (but I will) that a non-zero number of me are really excited to get this book!
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I love watching all these mini-videos! Beth's robot was hilarious. You know, it just occurred to me... between these shows, BBT & The Guild, for a guy whose motto is "don't be a dick", you play it really well. "Hi, I'm Wil Wheaton. I'm not a dick, but I play one on TV."
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Wil may have his own reply to this but I felt like adding my own thoughts on this. I am also an actor in Los Angeles, a chronological peer (although certainly not at the same level of recognition yet) and I think that we all have stories like this. I love that Wil shares his stories in a very open way and find posts like these inspiring me to continue my own work. Regarding living the life, you could ask 10 different people for advice and get 14 different answers! So here's mine: There's creativity to be found in any industry. If there wasn't we wouldn't be living in the future, would we? Creativity is born of passion and an overwhelming desire to express that passion. Find yours and work past/around/through whatever obstacles you think you have & success will come... in one form or another. Felicia and Wil are both great examples of this.
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That's awesome, Wil! I've been wanting to go to Gen Con for years, even as I've done far less gaming. The last gaming con I attended was HexaCon in Phoenix a couple of years back and I had a blast! That's been around for quite a long time and I hope it will continue to get stronger. Now that I'm here in L.A., perhaps you can recommend a local gaming con where I (and others) can dip my toe back in the water...
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I love Eureka and of course you deserve to be on that show! I'm already laughing thinking about how tweaked Fargo will get. I have to say you are rapidly leveling up in Geek Legend status. Let's see what's left: Caprica (V-World Wil Wheaton), SGU (Alien Wil Wheaton - would also work for V), Warehouse 13 (Cursed Wil Wheaton?)... ooooh, Fringe (Alternate Reality Wil Wheaton)!!!
Toggle Commented Apr 5, 2010 on Eureka! at WWdN: In Exile
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