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Adam Williams
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Hey Will, after reading through some of the comments that followed, i really hope that mine did not come across as unkind. That was not my intention, i was trying to be constructive in my own little way, not make you sad :(
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Although having said all that... my thinking may be flawed. I'm not sure how effective those hand sanitizers are against viruses? Damn! Guess Bio-Hazard suits are the only way forward.. although they would make dice throwing a little awkward!
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I can completely understand your desire not to be passed all those nasty germs. But I know if I came all the way from England to meet you, I'd be gutted if I couldn't at least shake your hand! You could keep one of those hand sterilizing dispensers on your signing bench?... The ones they use in hospital wards? I’m sure people would be more than happy to go through ‘decontamination’ before touching you. Plus you could have a little hand rub yourself every now and then for good measure! Just thought it might be a good way to protect you guys while still keeping some of the fans happy.
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Sarah Vowell! ;)
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Wil, Do you think you'll do an Audio Book version of Memories of the Future I&II? Really hope you do!.. My girlfriend and I really loved listening to the stuff you have done so far.. your such a great story teller! I recently introduced her to TNG for the first time (she's 24 and never really been into sci-fi,) she loved it.. just finished watching all seven seasons!...and she thought Wesley was VERY cute :)
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Jan 22, 2010