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Adam Barry
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I just bought the audiobook of Just A Geek a couple of days ago, and was listening to it in my car when the section played where you mention the founding of WWdN, and I realised I was hearing the story of the blog 10 years to the day after it began. It's so great that it's still going strong, and you're still a visible voice for our geeky slice of society that is so often misunderstood. I'm happy to say I'm a fan of yours - not in the "OMG that's Wesley! Eeeek!!", crazy Trekkie way, but in the "Hey, that's Wil. He's a cool guy. He plays D&D, reads sci-fi, and is just a geek (pardon the quote) like me and my friends", kinda way. In your books you talk about not taking anything for granted anymore. Well, I hope you know that we don't take you for granted either. Congratulations and thanks for 10 years of much appreciated entertainment.
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Aug 25, 2011