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The CBO estimates the average healthy / young person uses about $860 a year in healthcare. They also estimate a single policy on the open market under Obamacare would be about $5,800 a year. This is due to Community Rating, Gender Rating, and Bloated Minimum Coverage requirements to "spread and equalize risk". That like forcing someone who drives a Ford Escort to pay insurance premiums on a Ferrari. You wan't me to pay almost 7 times my risk to subsidize other populations? THAT'S INSANE!! THAT'S WRONG!! AND I WON'T DO IT!!!
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This may be good for getting ripped, burning fat, and losing weight. However, it is not so good for scrawny guys looking to bulk up and build mass. A novice weightlifter at the begining stages of lifting can certainly experience success with "bodyweight" lifting. However as he progresses, bodyweight alone will not be sufficient. In order to make significant gains, one must lift more than their actual body weight. This will be possible as the lifter progresses.
Going to miss it. So many fun nights there with big name dj's. Loved their sound and lighting system and the fact that people just really seemed to enjoy themselves and the whole vibe going on there. And for those who are hating on this place, get a life. I don't care if you hate techno, think the place was filled with douchebags, women of low character, or shallow people flauting their money paying excessive amounts for bottle service. That very well may be the case! Point is, this was a Chicago institution and tradition that was open for almost 20 years. The average bar/club only stays open for two years, if that. And it was fun!!!!
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Apr 8, 2010