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Mike, I should have made clear that when I refer to Steve Garfield & Zach Cole's comments they actually originate on the Hill Holliday blog. I was posting my comment from there. Sorry!
Great post Mike. A few ideas that I think back-up the data & your point that “The Force” wins over “Imported from Detroit” because the digital creative resonates: First, I would offer that the VW spot delivers tangible value in return for our time, in particular, entertainment. The kid actually made me laugh a few times. For example, when the mother slides him the sandwich and he lays his head in his hand disappointed, also when he brushes off the hug from his father and runs to the car and when the car starts up and he looks to the window (you can actually picture the shock on his/her face even though it’s obscured.) Second, the ad delivers a simple and instantly understandable message – the new Passat is a fun family car (and it can be started by remote.) Also, someone who has kids can probably picture doing the same “trick” to their kid, which I think illustrates that the ad speaks (resonates) to ‘one’ person instead of an entire demographic and is therefore more effective. Lastly, as Zach and Steve mention above, the VW ad is designed to be interacted with and shared. The length (1 minute) of the ad and the simplicity of it, especially when compared to Chrysler’s two minutes, and the release of the deleted scenes & bloopers, all puts the audience in control and inspires sharing in my opinion. Thanks!
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Feb 16, 2011