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Oh Amy. I am sorry you have been hurting. I am so angry that depression lied to you so convincingly. It lied, it lies. Being here is better than not-being. You ARE loved and needed. Back when my daughter was born (she is 8) I spent a lot of time on twitter and blogs, you, Catherine, Tanis and Heather were my lifeline. I didn't like to be all clingy cause all y'all were famous and had lots of people vying for your attention, but your "company" carried me through that time mentally and socially. I was physically (thus socially) isolated, and in a rough financial situation, and you, Amy, were my entertainment and mentor during that time. It was your alphamom blog posts that got me started reading mom blogs in the first place, because I read them and thought "I want more time with this person", and followed the link to your blog, and from there, twitter and links to the others. I was later diagnosed with and am still being treated for GAD and depression, which I recognized and had had destigmatized by the group that YOU introduced me to. It is not exaggeration to say that you saved my marriage and allowed me to have a relationship with my kids. Minor actions on your part, just being yourself and sharing your life with us, have had a life-changing impact on me, even though you probably didn't know it. I don't presume to think that the possibility of saving more strangers like me would be enough of a motivation for you to stay, but I want you to know concretely that THAT one lie, "the world does not need me as strongly as my wish to be gone", is absolutely, provably FALSE. The lack of you would break the world, so much going awry without you as the catalyst, not just because you are there but because it's YOU there. I am relieved that the boys still have you. I am thankful that we still have you. I am grateful that you will have, and see, more of those moments that make being better than not-being, even when your mind is trying to take them away from you. Please stay.
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That no-touch thing is completely incompatible with you being in (well, basically being the only person comprising) my "Five". *snaps in gosh-darn style disappointment*
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RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT, I have a Highlights subscription waiting on my decision to be filled out. I think this just tipped the balance.
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We enjoyed it enough to go out and buy the game last weekend! BUT I must say, this is the first TableTop that, after editing, didn't explain the rules very well. *shrug* You're cultivating quite a family of fans over here. Fanfam? :) Who cares what you call it... we're enjoying our time together thanks to your suggestions :) Thanks!
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That got an audible bwaaaa haaa out of me :)
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how cute? well, not as cute as the real thing.
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QFT. Also all grown up and professional, which is inching towards catching up with your endearingly fun-and-sometimes-goofy on the awesomeness scale. Am still disappointed that it's not Dr. Horrible 2, but there's a [REDACTED] there to hold my breath for ... ;)! hehehe (seriously, though, I have no idea what Falling Skies even is but you can bet good money on the fact that I'm going to slavishly watch 2nd Watch anyway.)
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Stealing that, "tenterhook-ache". Awesome. And I'm just crossing my fingers that this big secret will be something I'm in on the awesome of - I mean, there are plenty of things that would be cool just because of the presence of wilw, but still not my cup of tea, like if you're narrating hockey best-of-moments-compilation DVDs. Then there's that whole category of thing that, with Wil included, would be facemeltingly awesome; Dr. Horrible 2 or IRL life-form teleportation device demonstrations. Crossing my fingers.
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But the linky! Where's a linky for purchasing? I mean duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I can just go on Amazon and buy it but can't you get, like, Amazon referral credit if you link it here? Double royalties dude!
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Is there an appropriate way/place to put in a 2-cents'-worth on posts old enough to have the comments closed? I put it on a video of you at GenCon, but it's not *your* video. well, here: Have fun down under.
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Kathryn, You win an internet. Secondly, as far as airplanes... as long as I think you are TRYING to get your kid under control and/or embarrassed about their outburst, I'm good. Not that I want you to have to be embarrassed, but I have two kids of my own, and I have accepted the reality that they are PEOPLE (OMG INORITE?) and therefore I am not in control of them. I can influence them, but regardless of how hard I try to make them do what I want... leading a horse to water and all that. Before I had kids.... well, let me reverse that. I parent my kids just like I always planned to, and I think they're doing pretty good, I'm doing pretty good, they're growing up the way I want them to. But they're still 2 and 3 and capable of independent thought. Also, if only the Other People on the airplane would realize that it's worse for you - not only is it YOUR job to take care of the situation (so you're annoyed AND stressed) but also, when you get off the airplane, you keep the kid. And the kid is probably STILL going to be pissed. Thankfully, the laughs from a few Fuck and Barnacles carry you.
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"paging", indeed.
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"Me: I wrote a blog post about us today. Ryan: I know, I read it. I loved it. Epic loot is epic! Me: I ... have something in both of my eyes." Shoot, there's something in both of MY eyes now!
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One of the best posts I've read here. I bragged on your choice to my husband ("this blog post just talked about...") and realized I didn't have to say "Wil Wheaton [did x]" as one of the aspects that made the story cool. Good choice, and thanks for the peek. :)
Toggle Commented Apr 24, 2011 on in which a good choice is made at WWdN: In Exile
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Apr 23, 2011
Here are two good articles, too: "If you don't 'get' facebook and twitter" How not to get sucked in to twitter:
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Feb 13, 2010