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I had his wikipedia page updated 10 minutes after the news hit Red Bull Reader. If only the team could have tossed him as quick.
Toggle Commented Jul 30, 2009 on Red Bulls waive Khano Smith at Soccer By Ives
I gotta say, for anyone that's hoping/encouraging the idea of DC move, I just don't get it. One thing all fans should be doing is supporting all the teams in getting their own stadiums. Teams that get a permanent home of their own make the league as a whole stronger. My cheers are for the Bulls, my heart is for the game. DC fans, good on you for continuing to push for what you want. Toronto fans that showed up for DC, that's how this sport will continue to grow. Keep it up.
I loved seeing Vide playing for the Bulls. When he walked through the stands and got a large round of applause from our section and acknowledged us in return,, or when he'd clap to the fans cheering him on from the field, pure class. The guy was all heart on the field and it'd be great to see him back. I agree with The Athority, give me a Vide over Pietravallo any day of the week.
Toggle Commented Feb 17, 2009 on D.C. United waives Vide at Soccer By Ives