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Unlike Manny, I am not convinced he will end up in Oregon in the end. It seemed to me from the interview like Miami is still very much in the picture. Despite his glowing review for Oregon and its coach, I see his already established relationship with Miami (players and coaches) as being the deciding factor. He liked the fact they will try to get him in open space, he wants to be in a competitive environment, and he also wants to be part of a family...Sounds like he's describing the U to me.
Toggle Commented Feb 11, 2009 on Days of Our Bryce update at Eye on the U
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Looking good on paper may not translate to winning. With that said, instead of staying pat, I would much rather see the likes of Maggette or Artest to give us that offensive complement to Wade/Shaq and, in the case of Artest, that defensive stopper at the SF position. What would it take to get Artest from the Kings? Is there any scenario that the Heat could put together(future #1s etc.) that might entice the Maloof brothers? As far as the wack job quality that Artest brings, I subscribe to the idea that it won't become a problem as long as Shaq's policing the Heat(ala MJ and Rodman).