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My tenth grade teacher tried to instill in us the idea that readers made better writers (and writers made better readers). She made the material so much fun that I tore through "Cyrano de Bergerac" and "A Tale of Two Cities" and... I can't remember what else she made us read. But she also let us supplement the required reading by turning in book reports on anything we wanted, which resulted in several reports on various Star Wars (the Thrawn trilogy had just been released) and Star Trek novels. I even willingly slogged through "Les Miserables", for my final book report. Contrast that to my first year of college, where I had to take a "writing" course, that basically required me to read several obscure and insanely boring short stories/novels and then write several pages, anaylizing each... Culminating in a final paper that had to be no less than 18 pages. The class was so torturous that by the end of the quarter I dreaded writing anything more than a two-sentence email.
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Jun 18, 2012