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so assuming miami can unload james jones contract for adam morrison, cook, chalmers and beasley remain and no other trades are made, and that toronto makes the playoffs: beasley: $4.9 mil cook: $2.2 mil chalmers: $850k 2 1st rounders: $3.1 mil wade cap hold: $17 mil cap hold 12 spots: $5.7 mil totalling: $33.75 million cap number is between $52 and 55 million? where is albert when u need him. did i miss anything?
sending my adam morrison for james jones trade proposal to ira. he never thinks most of my trades are realistic i am afraid. he does think the heat are hot and heavy after stoudemire though
what about trading james jones to LA for adam morrison? they need a shooter, we need cap space for the summer, maybe throw in a future 2nd rounder to sweeten the pot
i hear of teams trying to clear cap space for the summer, like the bulls unloading hinrich. is there a way to unload one of our expirings with james jones to get back an expiring so that we could clear up more space for that 2nd near max player?
how do you guys think the negotiations for the next collective bargaining agreement will affect players's salaries, specifically before this trading deadline and this summer's free agency? owners are putting the word out thru intermediaries that contracts will be coming down one way or the other.
proposed trade rumor of amare and amundson to New Jersey for Yi Janlian, courtney lee, bobby simmons, and 2 1st rounders. wow
so besides beasley vs haslem, spo stay or go, now there is the trade the expirings vs get amare/bosh/lebron (pipedream). maybe we should just put these issues to a vote and see where the blog stands CNN style thought this was interesting to say the least
was thinking of going to bucks game on monday, actually got lower bowl tix for a change. honestly, i dont know if its worth watching that heat 2nd unit right now
can heat beat detroit without beasley?
is there an update on beasley's status for friday?
i expected toronto's bigs to have good games, but it was the guards that controlled tempo, and did us in. a. wright wit hthe big corner 3 after dorrel's miss. the constant double teaming of wade creating shots for the sf, but we just couldnt make them pay, couldnt keep bosh off the boards, and once again.... 2nd quarter lineup dooms us
what is the identity of this heat team? what can you say they can hang their hat on? thats the issue with all of this inconsistency. does spo really know this roster, how to push buttons, how to substitute? toronto was clearly better and have been playing well so i give them credit, but the heat hung in there with wade fatigued. we had haslem for the whole fourth and how did that work against bosh/bargnani? anyways, on to the next one...
what the hell inbounds play was that?
where the hell is q rich? just damn, game over
wright for 3?????? damn
alston not quite done yet
alston forcing the issue
raps are extending those double teams
the heat are still hanging around. if only spo could have bought a few more minutes of rest for wade, he would be fresher down the stretch
well, when they double and triple wade, it will be up to the shooters in the 4th quarter to make them pay. 4th quarter lineup alston, wright, jones, haslem, JO?
well, he didnt substitute so now i am curious if he brings in JO to start the 4th
with the game as close as it is, might have to think of giving wade a blow near the end of the 3rd quarter, then letting him go full tilt i nthe 4th quarter.