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Wonderful post. I really like your approach to the project and your insights in the post, even the way you wrote it. I, too, am enjoying Project Life, though I don't use any of the branded materials for it. I do use a kit club though. I'm also really keen on going back and doing previous years, even if it's just a month in review type concept, because I agree that it captures all those little moments. I'm not really an event scrapper either, so that kind of thing, the small stuff, is really foremost in my mind when doing PL. I've almost completely stopped scrapbooking as well. I only use a layout for stories that are really super long. If you'd like to see my pages, some of them, and most of this year, are linked here:
Toggle Commented Jul 3, 2014 on My Experiences with Project Life at Balzer Designs
Love the cards, they're so fun. I just got this paper yesterday and can't wait to work with it. You did a great job on your cards. :)
I can't find this image available in digital. There seems to be only a few of the images making it into digi. :( Why is this?
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It's certainly not warm where *I* am in SoCal! It's still freezing up in Big Bear, but I'm loving all the new sneaks and can't wait for the releases! ((shared on Facebook))
Hello Wil. I came from the clown sweater post as I am entering the fanfic contest. I watched you on TNG as a child (I was born in '83 so, yeah, young). I have read three of your current blog posts, and I now love you. Your Doctor Who references alone are enough to do it, but I shall now waste my entire day, and my FB posts, on your blog. That is all, have a nice day. oh, and QuiltingPoodles who posted above me: I have "don't panic" tattooed on the inside of my left wrist. Praise be to Adams. *My* roots are not forgotten either. ((grin))
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Jun 28, 2010