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I am an Associate Professor of Instructional Design, Development and Evaluation in the School of Education at Syracuse University.
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I did too invite you! Check your FB invites! ;) It's been way too long since we've chatted.
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For most human makers of things, the incompletenesses and inconsistencies of our ideas become clear only during implementation. Thus it is that writing, experimentation, “working out,” are essential disciplines for the theoretician. ~Robert Brooks - The design of design :... Continue reading
I guess the title of this post can function at several levels - like what am I doing writing this when I should be working on article revisions, NSF reports, class prep, or (this is radical) more time with the... Continue reading
We finally concluded the SU Game Jam event on last Sunday. It was the craziest and the most amazing weekend I had for a long time. Our site participants (16 wonderful people) worked very hard over the weekend to complete... Continue reading
It's been an exciting past few days - we've been hosting a site for the Global Game Jam . Around 20 folks from SU, OCC, and the community gathered to dream up and develop games around the global theme of... Continue reading
It's been a nice ling break from the blog - time off for the holidays and then a frenzied start to the semester. One thing I am very excited is we opened the new computer lab that is part of... Continue reading
As many folks know I have been plunging in to the wild-and-wooly world of educational mobile app development... My biggest issue in App development has been developer talent and budget (and they're related because if I had unlimited budget I... Continue reading
I have considered that - even JB'd the iPhone just to see what I thought... you get geek points to go with the TreeMail. You have nice mobility - I don't need that since I have WiFi so many places... Verizon is almost as evil a company as ATT ;) You have a gal?
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Ok, it's not as radical as it maybe seems in all honesty. I actually have 3 iOS devices (iPhone 3G, 4th Gen iPod, and 3G iPad), so it's not like I am really rebuking Apple (at this point) having contributed... Continue reading
Good to get back in front of secondary students this weekend at the Writing Our Lives community event. Thank you Dr. Marcelle Haddix for the opportunity to come and participate in this great event! Around 150 students, from sixth through... Continue reading
Yes, accessibility is important! As more and more university services and classes are placed online (and some are solely available online), this is an increasingly significant issue... Blind students and professors suffer “pervasive and ongoing discrimination” at Penn State University... Continue reading
I would agree - I thought it was a great experience...
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I have been fortunate recently to be working with some great grad students at SU. This year I am working with Nilay as part of the Syracuse University Future Professoriate Initiative. She is working with me on the course I... Continue reading
I recently was reading that the current IP numbering scheme will run out of numbers in the next year - something the switch to IPV6 is supposed to fix. This caused me to reflect on the growth and evolution of... Continue reading
The NYT has a piece on the trend of students on campus taking online courses. When I was working with learning technology across the UW System a few years ago, I noticed this trend. Online classes were attracting on campus... Continue reading
Owen, 7, does not have the strength to maneuver a computer mouse, but when a nurse propped her boyfriend’s iPad within reach in June, he did something his mother had never seen before. via I have increasingly been interested... Continue reading
We have been busily working on an iPhone App this semester as a part of my course on design-based research. It's been a tremendous learning experience both as an applied research and design project for the class, but also in... Continue reading
I stumbled across this blog post recently by Katrin Becker and have been thinking about her critiques of the Ed Tech field. I have harbored similar concerns, although ones tempered by my background as an educator and as a (web)... Continue reading
That's right. Social games and social networking apps on Apple's operating system are now competing for eyeballs with popular television shows and sports broadcasts - and winning. via Continue reading
This week we conducted workshops on Monday and Tuesday training faculty and graduate students on StudioCode - one of the analytic tools we are acquiring as part of the Major Research Instrumentation grant project - now called DiVa(Digital Video Analysis). I am excited about the project for a number of... Continue reading
Posted Oct 7, 2010 at DiVA
New NSF grant funds will support development of interdisciplinary digital video research lab 6/10/2010 Faculty in Syracuse University’s School of Education and College of Arts and Sciences have been awarded a $473,434 grant from the National Science Foundation to develop infrastructure that will be used to capture and analyze video... Continue reading
Reblogged Oct 7, 2010 at DiVA
This week we conducted workshops on Monday and Tuesday training faculty and graduate students on StudioCode - one of the analytic tools we are acquiring as part of the Major Research Instrumentation grant project - now called DiVa (Digital Video... Continue reading
Video converter with hardware acceleratorTurbo.264 HD adds an extra engine to your Mac and saves you time if you convert a lot of video. Whether you’re a camcorder enthusiast who puts home movies on an iPad or iPhone, or an EyeTV user who streams live TV, simply connect the Turbo.264.HD... Continue reading
Reblogged Oct 4, 2010 at DiVA
The folks at Wesleyan University have a blog up that is a stellar example of how to evangelize for an LMS platform to faculty when you’re facing the front end of a migration.1 For starters, their FAQ is rich with... Continue reading
During Q3, 2010 we purchased the proposed production and capture hardware: video cameras, lights, microphones and have inventoried and setup the equipment. Initial data collection is starting using the equipment. Planning the installation of the stationary lab space has begun and we will complete installation during winter break. In Q4,... Continue reading
Posted Oct 1, 2010 at DiVA