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oh gawd... I get so tired of hearing ignorant, overly sentimental cat-lover comments railing for their dear liddle killers to go massacre the defenseless creatures trying to survive the harsher outdoors. Cat-people please wake up!! Muffin isn't killing 'just a few' birds and mammals - but is part of the annual billions of birds killed for sport by these already well-fed hunters. As if they don't have enough to contend with millions of feral cats. Domestic cats kill for amusement - it gives them something to do, not because they 'need to'. Bird populations are diving - some as much as 90%. My cats have plenty amusement indoors with the imaginative bits & pieces I put out for them, incl boxes, things that rustle, etc. and they are content. Please don't be part of the problem by letting your cat murder (as well as toy with beforehand!) creatures that have a hard enough living outside. Be part of the solution. read up. get the facts. don't make assumptions. you CAN do it. and educate others.
Toggle Commented Oct 15, 2012 on The Scoop on Cat Litter at Hey Mr. Green
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Oct 15, 2012