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Bob Mathews
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Alaina, out of all my RSS feeds, I always read yours first. Really! (Well, OK, I use Outlook to do the RSS thing and it displays them in alphabetic order, but nevertheless, it's a great blog.) I'm glad to see someone else say she's not real partial to CC cookies, and it's really unusual to see someone of the female persuasion say that, but whatever. I agree. Oatmeal cookies are my favorite, and I've perfected my own recipe as well. (That said, I do have a killer CC cookie recipe, and a prize-winner too, but it's not my fav.) I don't think I'll try the Cook's Illustrated one, because I'm judging by the name that it's not a chewy cookie. I'm not real partial to crunchy cookies except for shortbread and ginger snaps, which have to be that way. Thanks for the recipes.
Toggle Commented Mar 6, 2008 on 2 Oatmeal Cookie Recipes to Try at A Full Belly
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Jason, your statement that "Mathematics professionals use LaTeX..." is misleading. It's an absolute statement that, taken at face value, would lead one to believe that it's a rare exception when a mathematics professional would use anything *but* LaTeX. Much better would be to say "Many mathematics professionals use LaTeX...", which is a true statement. It's equally true that many mathematics professionals use MathType.
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