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Andy Gregory
I am a professional recruiter, search consultant, headhunter, husband, father, and not the ahole I appear to be sometimes.
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Mar 15, 2010
When I wrote this entry - the word retention was never used in the press to descibe these bonuses. Retention bonuses are certainly effective tools to keep people around. I am not pointing the finger at the recipient of the bonus - the principle is that the notion of bonuses being paid from taxpayer money is what disgusts me. It would seem to me something should have been altered in an agreement once the bailout occured. I thought this deserved clarification.
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Thanks for the idea, Andy - I may just do that. I am more concerned that people think your comment was actually me writing to myself to encourage comments on my blog.
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Tracie - I trust you feel better after purging the bitterness. Thanks for the transparency - vaidating my feeling that this blog is my own personal Employee Assistance Program and I am glad it could be yours. I would only add that my candidates and hiring managers can call me anytime - I like that because I just want to know and more often than not NEED to know - I think it shows they are actively involved and committed. I had a candidate accept a position last Sunday evening at 9pm and a hiring manager that was glad to take the call. That is always a good thing.
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Thanks for adding value - I think that is a great suggestion. Most often I think candidates expect that their references aren't going to say something suspect and hiring managers expect most candidates will only provide references that are good. Not true. Hopefully candidates heed this advice.
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