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At we use both created and curated content. Our focus is on conscious living and we have a number of experts in a variety of interest areas who create original content for our online magazine (rEVO). We also curate a number of podcasts for our AgeNation Radio section from a variety of broadcast radio shows who talk about conscious living related subjects. Perhaps the most curated of our sites is our Twitter feed - I subscribe to a wide variety of blogs and websites via email and am always on the lookout for a story that would be relevant and interesting for our target audience, as well as re-tweeting tweets from followers or from non-followers who appear in keyword-defined Twitter searches in TweetDeck. One further bit of curation that I think is always useful for the audience is in using the comments section of blog posts to point to stories on other sites that add to the information contained in your blog post. I did this recently with a story on the proposed abolition of the EPA. We did one of our "You've Gotta Be Kidding!" pieces about it and I later added a story about a poll done on the subject, and another about the financial benefits of keeping as opposed to abolishing the EPA - I have also started using Storify which is a great tool for curating content from the web, especially twitter chats, and which you can further "storify" by connecting individual pieces with your own pieces of text. Definitely something I want to find ways of using more often. Here's an example I 'curated' from that same EPA story so you can see it in action - Jasper Blake Social Media Manager AgeNation
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Feb 24, 2011