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Buried in mounds of laundry, yarn, diapers and other nefarious things.
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If I win, I could tell you a nice little tale of me running around trying to find yet another hiding place so that hubby wouldn't realize yet MORE fabric has entered the home. Then the horror of my face when I realize that my daughter has sold me down the river when I specifically told her "Don't tell dad" and then me trying to frantically explain that I won it and didn't buy it. Oh I can smell the movie ;)
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Don't those just drive you crazy!
I cleaned out all 3,257 bags I own and frogged everything over the summer. I was doing real good controlling the WIPs until the holidays and now I have startitis. Can't wait to see what you started!
One of these days I'll actually be in town when you're here and not trekking across Texas! There's still no camera and I really wish I knew where she came up with this stuff. :)
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May 5, 2010