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Stephen Land
Interactive ACD Copywriter
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Jul 29, 2011
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Mar 15, 2010
For a banner ad, not so bad. It's at least a little funny. If your eyes happen to stray in its direction, you might be amused. What they should have done was a video banner with the ninjas actually killing his family. Now that would have gotten some mad clicks.
If you look at, you can see the idea really expand. The web guys are obviously having a ton of fun playing with the concept and pushing it in new directions. So my guess isn't boredom but jealousy. The general creatives look at the website, see how cool their simple idea really is and want to do similar things. Or, they see how cool the site is and decide the spots need to reach that level. Stephen Land
I always loved the fact that he did voice work as well. There's something cool about a legend being willing to get in a booth and totally expose himself like that. To be willing to take direction and follow someone else's lead. Truly a class act.