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Wil -- I totally started getting back into D&D after reading your posts. You're doing a heck of a job getting people back into it... makes me wonder of WotC is in collusion with you. ;) I'm enjoying it either way. I started a group and we're playing Keep on the Shadowfell now. It really gets my creative juices flowing as I find little hooks and details to incorporate into stories and campaigns. All my fellow players are really enjoying the resurgence as well. It's a great game! I totally recommend buying the hard copy however. It comes with some nice battle maps and a handy folder. All of it is well printed -- things an enterprising DM could use even if they skip on the campaign proper.
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Alcohol won't really make it taste any better, but strong beer is pretty hard to come by over there so it'll probably have that distinction at least. I'm a first-time poster, just wanted to say hi. :) I took my first trip to Tokyo this summer and loved it. Your blog helps me curb some of the nostalgia. I loved it so much! Keep the good posts coming.
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