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If you are in the market for a new home in the Katy area with an oversize lot to accommodate a swimming pool, this Village DaVinci at 6215 Mustang Trail Lane might be your ticket. The original buyer busted out... Continue reading
Texas has some of the best housing markets in the country. That's no secret. While many areas in the U.S., particularly the sand states, have seen home prices plummet during the past few years, cities like Houston and Midland have... Continue reading
Trulia's crime maps have been around for over a year. The company recently expanded coverage of crime mapping in U.S. counties, showing crime density to make it easier to see areas with the most crimes. Now there's also a feature... Continue reading
HAR MLS data showed that leases accounted for 35% of Houston area residential real estate transactions last year. That translated to roughly 34,000 leases for 2011. Activity of singly family leases is higher still in 2012, with January 2012 figures... Continue reading
From the Album Making Mirrors, Gotye featuring Kimbra. "Somebody That I Used To Know" has over 100 million views. Find out more about the making of the album at Continue reading
Vancouver's overpriced real estate is no secret. Here Mike Shedlock takes a look at the nosebleed prices of Vancouver B.C. vs. Donegal Ireland. A cursory glance at listings in East Vancouver will turn up beauties such as this listing on... Continue reading
Bank of America, the poster child of bailout moral hazards, is apparently looking for more ways to boost sagging revenues by experimenting with new feesto "Essentials" accounts, as well as other monthly charges. The move follows a failed attempt by... Continue reading
Fannie Mae reported that REO (Real Estate Owned) inventory declined by a net 43,961 units in 2011. Fannie was selling properties faster than they were acquiring (foreclosing) them. Fannie Mae REO Acquisitions and Dispositions 20112010 Acquisitions 199,696 262,078 Dispositions 243,657... Continue reading
25618 Durango Falls Ln, Katy TX 77494 Photo Gallery Print Flyer Move-in-ready Village construction with hardwoods in main areas. Great home for family with small children. Features a spacious master with separate sitting area, as well as formal dining, formal... Continue reading
If you think the Federal Reserve is finished bailing out Europe (and pretty much the entire global economy) on your dime, I have some bad news for you...The money printers are just warming up! Gordon Long explains why the rescue... Continue reading
Drugs are more expensive in the United States than anywhere else in the world. A recent trip to my local pharmacy for a simple antibiotic known as Suprax drove the point home. Our son had an ear infection and the... Continue reading
The rate on the 30-yr fixed dropped to 3.91% this week. The 15-yr stood at 3.21%. Rates might drop even further should the Fed launch a new program of bond purchases. It's possible the Fed could signal zero rates for... Continue reading
Ann Barnhardt recently described how the rule of law apparenlty doesn't apply at the top of the food chain. If Jon Corzine can steal a $billion of customer's money with impunity, who's to say your IRA wouldn't be fair game... Continue reading
Last week's 60 Minutes piece "There Goes The Neighborhood" was depressing enough, but the real kicker comes from this revelation by Legalprise founder Michael Olenick. It seems the OCC and the current Administration continue to green-light foreclosure fraud at the... Continue reading
NAR released their benchmark revisions today. The reductions amount to a roughly 14% decline from previous figures. The revisions apply to sales for 2007 through 2010. Home inventory was also revised downward by a similar amount, but it should be... Continue reading
It appears MF Global transfered $200 million in customer money to their JP Morgan clearing bank in the City of London just prior to bankruptcy. Not surprisingly, the parties that received it (bonus time!) won't admit it and are refusing... Continue reading
Looking behind the headline numbers, the data coming from various government agencies is not what it seems. As Zero Hedge points out, most of the "improvement" in the housing starts figures released by the census today is in the multi-family... Continue reading
The EU bailout isn't looking so good, and Bankrupting America got smacked along with other financials today, closing the day at $4.99. Many institutional investors are prohibited from buying stocks below $5, so the situation just became a little more... Continue reading
The Houston Chronicle and Bloomberg Newsare both reporting what is an obvious case of hypocrisy on the part of cranially compromised governor. It appears Governor Perry retired in January to begin collecting his state pension. I certainly wouldn't fault him... Continue reading
As William Black is fond of pointing out, the whitewashing of bank fraud simply begets more bank fraud. Here, Mr. Black takes Obama to task for his laughable 60 Minutes interview in which he downplayed Wall Street's criminal activity. Black... Continue reading
The Katy real estate market revealed some sobering numbers for the month of November. While sales totals were up in both area 25 and Katy's relocation market in area 36, both areas saw noticeable declines in average prices. Average price... Continue reading
Whatever your opinions may be about Wikileaks, Bradly Manning or the military, I would urge you to watch the video footage for yourself. It's pretty gruesome, but it highlights just why the military was so keen on shutting Bradley Manning... Continue reading
Obama has gone into full-blown campaign mode now with an effort to differentiate himself from his GOP alternatives. If you look under the surface; however, it's painfully obvious that he's serving the same kleptocratic interests of unregulated wealth extraction touted... Continue reading
Imagine you just bought your new three-bedroom home from a reputable home builder for $250,000. Everything is fine until you notice a few weeks later that the builder has just dropped the price of the same home by 25%. While... Continue reading
Good piece this morning at Naked Capitalism detailing the efforts required to open up the Fed's operations. The Federal Reserve, for all of it's publicly-stated good intentions, is the morally conflicted political mechanism propping up a global mountain of debt.... Continue reading