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Julio Aguilar
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Julio Aguilar added a favorite at WWdN: In Exile
Jul 5, 2012
This is sooo funny. Let me know when the Kickstarter campaign starts. BTW: You should have those kids in Tabletop.
Toggle Commented Jul 5, 2012 on A troubling realization at WWdN: In Exile
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Well, I guess it they have the good taste of selecting you for this show, the less I can do is watch that series (I'm waaay behind on TV shows). And let's hope for alternatives to watch your show!
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We need to thank you for being a celebrity (now turned cool-geek-celebrity) that is an awesome role model.
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Loved the ending! Hope it becomes part of a future compilation.
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Yep, some of us never lost hope. (Or were to lazy to clean our Google Reader subscriptions...) Welcome back!
Toggle Commented Sep 9, 2011 on back at jesus' favorite
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Sep 9, 2011