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Aharon Alexander
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It needs to be understood that a pianist gives two performances while the piano performs nothing. Pair programming is naturally a kind of solution. But are they talking about the code only, do we appreciate the performances of our peers? Demanding that they not consult reference material and all this aggro-interview styling is like asking a pianist to speak theory. Again. Two performances and the piano does nothing. My hands don't know shit about concurrency or OO.
I code in Vim and the Mouse is no longer practical for me. What prompted this? Well, I'm going to say synesthesia combined with dyslexia. This spells for an interesting result. Of course like most programmers, I use syntax highlighting. After years of moving away from the mouse I realized that the satisfaction from coding is isolated to sets of hand gestures, where the house introduces what is quite clearly to me a form of code switching, costly cognitively and inhibits Flow. I think Heidegger's What is Called Thinking? pertains here. -- Many of you are discussing thus entirely off-base with the real material matter here. Some of us find programming to be PHYSICALLY rewarding, and this is the important part: like playing music. When I code, I dance. THAT is what makes me not want to code as a career. Not one of you is prepared to understand that it is your HAND that fights the Computer, not YOU. To be frank, the latter is overly romantic self-martyrdom if not narcissism. Or I'll just say that it is an unnecessary restatement of The Matrix's premise. Boring. People are fighting for food or the struggle of life, you are not.
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May 1, 2013