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I watched the Chicago Tonight video very intently to see if I could find anything interesting in the footage. Video link: To me the most interesting frame was at 5:26 when they show some of the books Vivian had in her collection as mentioned in the post by Wieland Willker. The one I found most interesting was the monograph of Gita Lenz who also had sort of a similar story of the discovery of her work, which in this case was discovered by an industry insider. Here is a quick synopsis about Gita Lenz on Aline Smithson's blog Lenscratch: I find it very intriguing that Vivian was so interested in Gita's work and perhaps her story. I also think that she was fairly aware of the work of her contemporaries. Not knowing the exact dates when these photos may have been taken, I see certain similarities in this photo by Vivian Maier... ... with this photo by Harry Callahan:
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When is that Sally Mann photo going on a print sale?
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May 12, 2010