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You don't have to write about it but I just wanted to thank you again for the encouraging words you gave my boyfriend Phil. It was super great spending a week on a boat with so many people who are just as weird as I am and it's especially great that someone as cool as you is also part of our strange and wonderful nerd-herd. Seamonkeys FOREVER! ;) -Carrie Landers
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I love any and all stories of you and Chris Hardwick nerding your youth away. I also second the Better Than Patrick Stewart's Honda Prelude story! As a lady who hates formal wear I fully support WWAFNFUFFBNF and will pack accordingly!
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Hey Wil, It was really great meeting you at GenCon (I'm the chick who wore the I [Galactus] Planets shirt who chatted with you about our mutual friend rstevens). Thanks for coming all the way out to the best gaming convention in the US. Hope to see you next year!
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Aug 9, 2010