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Hello Bill Well it puzzles me to think of all the money we spend to build prisons. And we are more willing as a soceity to close schools and fire teachers than we are build a prison and hire correctional officers. Do get me wrong, I have family in both fields. And I've worked with kids and adolescents most of my career. I just think that we should pay more attention to our children and our students. More like a village, we must conduct ourselves as adults. Star making wiser descions. Closing a school will not help our children learn. Just like cutting nurses and in- home care for our elderly parents would be (let's just say it" Very Dump. Residents and families are cutting cost and saving their properties that their parents and relatives have willed and left them. They are taking upon their selves to care for their elderly family members to save money and keep their property out of probate courts. Now can we as a society cut cost in other places besides our school. We have less students wanting to become teachers just because their under paid, and their own parents, who are both teachers are about to lose the only jobs they've ever done. We ask our children to do and learn their school work. When will we as adults act like we have been to school and ever learned anything other than art with scissors cuuting on and out something we probably should have not cut out. I remember getting in big trouble doing something like that when I was young. Let's grow up together on this. Please !! Coach Kevin Caldwell, Lancaster, Ca
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Mar 16, 2010