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The MWRA has always done a great job handling crisis. @TomLee451 was their spokesman when the unfortunate deaths occured in the outfall tunnel at Deer Island back in the summer of 1999. That was before digital media but their response was still something we can all learn from. It's interesting to hear Tom's narration and have him talk about how plans today have to be developed with a strong emphasis on digital media. Here is a post he authored about the deaths and the evolution of crisis communications:
Hi David, Very cool video! Thanks for sharing (admittedly I am jealous of that experience flying in the Osprey). I think the business social media dinner is a great idea. We have used tactics like this to promote our hotel clients (we give people free nights and ask them to tweet or blog about their stay in real time) and we always invite social media folks to our restaurant media dinners. For those reading this that are not involved with PR, restaurant media dinners were typically organized for traditional media (food writers/critics) to come and taste a restaurant's new menu, etc.
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May 10, 2010