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I just love the people who preach "no hate" but scream and yell and vandalize and wish bad things on someone who believes something that is different from you. Look, i dont give a crap who you marry but its telling that the first reponse of those of you who support same sex marriage, like its a religion, is flipping out like a child when someone doesnt agree. Chik Fil A protests were about free speech and you whiny arrogant doofae telling everyone what they must believe. As for your original statement Wil, you just outed yourself as a typical hollywood tool who lives in a bubble of like minded intolerance. If i was you, i would take to Twitter, call you and your ilk haters, unsubscribe from your youtube channel, and walk around with an indignant stick in my ass for the rest of the day, for even having to accept your tiny minded existence on MY planet.... Instead, ill continue to enjoy your show, Tabletop, and ignore you otherwise as to not ruin the enjoyment you bring me when doing what youre actually talented at, being an entertainer.
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Aug 7, 2012