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AK Benjamin
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It was lovely to see you at PHX Con. Thank you for signing my Collector edition Mad Magazine. Story-time was good fun. My wife asked about how I felt about paying an extra fee to see you. I said, "It's just like DLC for the con set!". The TNG panel was AMAZEBALLS! I was pleased with my second row seat in the disabled section. My wife does lots of work stuff at SDCC. She is in charge of the teen collection at her library. So we will see you there! Andy Benjamin :}
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Our grey and white cat Gypsy is the sweetest thing ever, but she is dumb! One day we heard plaintive yowling. Gypsy was in AN OPEN DRYER scratching at the back of it, trying to get out. I yelled, "Gypsy!", and she turned around like, "Oh, this other side is the exit!" Alas. she can't sleep in a dryer anymore, since we moved. but she is still sweet/dumb! Andy :}
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Mar 7, 2012