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Alan Klink
brother, son, friend...
Interests: I love wireless, though most U.S. carriers are recognized to be thoroughly frustrating.
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Thank you for sharing this beautiful retrospective /introspective, Wil. Thank you for sharing a little piece of what means so much to you. I am a couple years younger than you and have always found Stand By Me to be to be an awesome coming-of-age flick. As others have stated, it is also one to tear me up. Let us not overlook - Toy Soldiers was awesome as well. I appreciate that what seems to come out of your public life is positive and endearing. As someone in this thread mentioned, it's very possible that your roles have inspired some unknown number of individuals in their own lives, relationships, and to pursue the careers which they have, because of your character. I commend you for your positive attributes and am also glad to see you seemingly live your life as a positive role model. I'm also proud of the result of you (as someone mentioned), having done -some- of your growing up as a 'Hollywood kid'. (no label intended, more like a reference) I was fortunate to shoot Corey and his dame in 1993 on a live tv show. He was quite charismatic and seemed down-to-earth. The only night of the show which I would up shooting B&W. The photos came out fantastic, perhaps with help from the fedora and suit he wore. Unfortunately, no one besides my family has really seen them... the show didn't last long. Thanks again, Wil.
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Mar 22, 2011