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Alan Page
Western MA, VT, NH, ME & NY
Private research forester (retired) follower of the Climate Crisis
Interests: Growing trees, long term economics, sustainability
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To the many friends I have made over the past year, This is a brief summary of how I got to the point of understanding where we are today, why we got here, and what there is that we can do about it – this position is based on information... Continue reading
The Common Bound program is built around finding a way to build a more cooperative future with all peoples everywhere. The St. Louis gathering was held at the Harris - Stowe State University and was very well attended. The dreams and goals of the group are built around education toward... Continue reading
This was posted on an I-UV page that detailed some information about the Federal trial of Randall K. Beane: It is obvious that there is a lot more to be learned and accepted by “normal” people, about the phenomena of the legality and trade of value. It is also clear... Continue reading
This is in reply to a question about who this guy Haugen is? Maybe we will hear from him? Obviously I have had it with the corporation based "Agency" form of government that was instituted during the FDR administration the numbers escape me but 4-5x the prior number comes to... Continue reading
if there is no bread let them eat cake Continue reading
The post below was recently found on <>. It deals with the situation of the corrupt legal and financial systems and particularly the current status of Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf. Given the use of technology, financial manipulation and entertainment it is hard to figure out what is now real and what... Continue reading
This note was sent to Mr. Keith Barnicle, aide to Congressman James McGovern in Northampton, massachusetts: Hi Keith, I sensed that you were truly not interested in things that really concern the day to day operation of people outside of government employees realm so I had abandoned the discussion. However,... Continue reading
Keith replied that he had no ability to understand the questions, so the following was sent April 22, 2018: ------------------------------ Hi Keith, I will call as early next week as my schedule allows. We will have to work out how the information transfered will be handled or even whether it will happen at all. I can understand that the issues and questions I have raised seem out of the Congressman's jurisdiction, and it is quite clear that there is a pattern to what is now happening to Heather and the normal modus operandi for Federal Courts when it suits their interests. I can provide linkages to back up that statement if needed. It may be possible that I did not attach the CRIS document so it is attached again, and I see that Doc 98 is attached. I suggest that you read the Summary of Facts that starts on the 3rd page of Doc. 98. A little background may be helpful here. I run a very small forest management and research business. We have shown that there are some very good things that can come from applying repetitive careful proactive practices to forests in our region (much like what is happening down south), but it has come to a massive impediment - lack of long term funding. I just ended a $60000+ NRCS contract because I was having to commit perjury in order to get paid, which I refused to do so I was late in performance of the contract... These difficulties have led me to study the source and creation of funds through which I then learned of the OPPT and the existence of "Strawman Accounts", or Treasury Direct (Deposit) Accounts and the games that the FED plays. See The White Hats Report <> particularly Paper #63. So after participating in 4 of the 6 sessions of the Massachusetts Commission for the Study of the Formation of a Massachusetts Public Bank and listening to the Massachusets Banking Association say the same thing 4 times when none of the others could repeat anything more than once... I realized that the shortage of long term funds was maintained on purpose and I tried to figure out why our government would sanction such a blockade against what was needed for a strong rural economy. Heather's work has helped fit this all together and I will be happy to help you share how and why this has happened, if you are willing. This has to stop - the basis for it is rooted in the opposite of the expectations of normal American residents. I look forward to getting some very good information. Alan C. Page, Ph.D., Research Forester - MA License #184 ------------------------------- NOTE: If there is anyone who is interested in the documents referred to here they can be found on or if enough interest is shown I will republish them here? ACP
This is going to be either a short email thread with no real answers or it will continue with a dialogue about what really went on behind the scenes of the trial of Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf and Randall Keith Beane in the Federal Court in Nashvill, Tennessee last October: This... Continue reading
It may be of interest to those who are not satisfied with the systems that now control us to know that there is a Conference Call held every Thursday night at 9:00 PM to discuss the formation of a National Assembly. The call number is: 712-770-4160 The enrty code is:... Continue reading
My answer to Beth: ---------------------- Hi Beth, I agree with more of your answer than there are issues with. It is unfortunate that you choose not to share the post? I sent this to William because he has asked me to be careful for CGs sake so I am including him. My time is precious too. There is much left on the table and I am going to leave it there.
This comment came to me today so I am sharing it for general consumption: ------------ From: Beth Adams To: Alan Page Sent: Tuesday, April 17, 2018 11:50 AM Subject: Re: For and With Forest Greetings! ​Am not sure why you replied to an email from me, copying others? I do not know them, or you, so am not comfortable replying to them​. Will do my best to reply but my time restrictions do not allow me to respond to everything you have shared about. Born and raised in Northern Minnesota, I was brought up by a father who loved wilderness. Conservationist/ preservationist Sigurd F. Olson was someone whose writings and life work I take seriously. I started a community radio show The Singing Wilderness back about 10 years, based upon a book I grew up seeing on my father's bookshelf, The Singing Wilderness by Sigurd Olson. He writes beautifully about Nature and wilderness, especially the Boundary Waters canoe area I grew up nearby...I spent time with Nature and through my work with ponies and a horse I was loaned at the Dairy Farm I worked at learned to respect it. I think we should have subsidies for small sawmills like yours! Do you speak to the trees before you take them? Common Good is one of the solutions we should embrace and help grow to combat the elitist banking system that surrounds us. Local economies are the way to go! We don't complain about wood stoves, we are concerned about projects and agencies which support commercial biomass development for schools, hospitals, colleges, etc., (BAD for health and horrible for our climate emergency!) I like the Northeast Wilderness Trust and advocate programs like Richard Starfursky's "Species Forest" which that let the forests/Nature live free. "forever wild" In my opinion, Mass. logging programs which send trees to Canada are a waste of money and are heavily influenced by the biomass industry. Why local environmental groups avoid this disaster, global deforestation ​(​ being the second driver of climate change​) is shameful, especially when preserving more, not all of our forests in Mass is so essential to mitigate and even reverse climate change​. ​I have been an activist all my life, but don't count my arrests or boast about my achievements. I am alive and still working toward preserving forests for the benefit of future generations! Take good care-enjoy your time in the woods, Beth Adams ​
This note is an invited correspondence that started from Common Good Finance. I suggest that you go to the bottom of the psge to read the information provided by Beth Adams before you dig through my reply - ENJOY! As Heather says, "it is all good go and DO and... Continue reading
Does being a forest landowner lock you into spending your discretionary funds on forest maintenance while the rest of society is doing the exact opposite? Should you mortgage you home to fund such activity? How will you pay the interest that seems to be a normal component of covering the borrowing of money? Are there other ways to finance the regular application of appropriate efforts? Continue reading
In this challenge several things are proposed: 1) To test a new idea. There is a need to be able to take meaningful steps to limit the wholesale conversion of forest to non-forest. The monetary tools to do this do not work well at this time. 2) To present to the regulators that they work with me to bring forest management tools to a 25 acre parcel that is about to be sold to a builder. This will include forming an initial forest management plan at state expense which will then be used to reduce the local taxes to a manageable level via the existing CH61 regulation, followed by my using a locally untested financial source to pay the owner a one time amount that is much greater than the sale of building lots would generate. 3) To ask for the state to allow a window in time for the above financial source to be verified and tested and to help in this documentation. This is likely something that will be opposed by the existing power base? Continue reading
This is the text of a challenge to the existing massachusetts Commonwealth forest land control structure operating within the area called massachusetts. It is hoped that we will be able to help find a means to enable raw land to compete with developer conversion of forest to residential housing. In... Continue reading The White Hats Report is a periodic discussion of timely topics from the perspective of an anonomyus forensic financial investigator "Paladin". His latest is #63 and is entitled "#ARRESTtheFED. In view of the recent conviction of Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, I suggest that the title ought to be expanded to... Continue reading
The following is a comment offered on an page: The text below will be followed by more detailed discussions of the ideas contained in this short paragraph in this and future posts. It may be time to think about what "I" (the reader of this note) have to... Continue reading
If you do not even know that a Universal backdoor exists, join the club! It is time that you take some time to view the discussion of a Praecipe delivered on January 22, 2018 to the UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT IN TENNESSEE at 11:59 pm. To read the text of... Continue reading
Many sites have been suggesting that some big changes were coming. Two competent researchers as well as politically connected advocates have also raised the alarm this week: The following are must "reads" as they appear to be based on solid evidence that there are groups trying to actively silence this... Continue reading
Be careful of the information you trust. Discernment is the process of following paths to the point where you are satisfied that you innerstand the implications of what is being presented. Continue reading
The changes that are coming are getting closer and the level of distraction is increasing (these changes should not be surprising, but they may blow your socks off as well). Pay attention to the range of information before choosing a path that may result in burned bridges. If anyone tells... Continue reading
When your opinion is wrong what do you do? The climate is changing, but why is open to debate. Continue reading
Courage in a Time of Apathy, Ambivalence and Misinformation: What does this have to do with forestry and rural life? By Alan C. Page, September 3, 2017 Forest ownership has been touted as something that is honorable and rewarding. However, when one gets close it is only rewarding in very... Continue reading
The following is a reply to a request for more clarification on the previous post to this blog that was sent as a message to several government officials: Dear Correspondent, I am surprised by your request, since the Senator has never responded to any of my earlier attempts to make... Continue reading