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Alan Page
Western MA, VT, NH, ME & NY
Private research forester (retired) follower of the Climate Crisis
Interests: Growing trees, long term economics, sustainability
Recent Activity The White Hats Report is a periodic discussion of timely topics from the perspective of an anonomyus forensic financial investigator "Paladin". His latest is #63 and is entitled "#ARRESTtheFED. In view of the recent conviction of Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, I suggest that the title ought to be expanded to... Continue reading
The following is a comment offered on an page: The text below will be followed by more detailed discussions of the ideas contained in this short paragraph in this and future posts. It may be time to think about what "I" (the reader of this note) have to... Continue reading
If you do not even know that a Universal backdoor exists, join the club! It is time that you take some time to view the discussion of a Praecipe delivered on January 22, 2018 to the UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT IN TENNESSEE at 11:59 pm. To read the text of... Continue reading
Many sites have been suggesting that some big changes were coming. Two competent researchers as well as politically connected advocates have also raised the alarm this week: The following are must "reads" as they appear to be based on solid evidence that there are groups trying to actively silence this... Continue reading
Be careful of the information you trust. Discernment is the process of following paths to the point where you are satisfied that you innerstand the implications of what is being presented. Continue reading
The changes that are coming are getting closer and the level of distraction is increasing (these changes should not be surprising, but they may blow your socks off as well). Pay attention to the range of information before choosing a path that may result in burned bridges. If anyone tells... Continue reading
When your opinion is wrong what do you do? The climate is changing, but why is open to debate. Continue reading
Courage in a Time of Apathy, Ambivalence and Misinformation: What does this have to do with forestry and rural life? By Alan C. Page, September 3, 2017 Forest ownership has been touted as something that is honorable and rewarding. However, when one gets close it is only rewarding in very... Continue reading
The following is a reply to a request for more clarification on the previous post to this blog that was sent as a message to several government officials: Dear Correspondent, I am surprised by your request, since the Senator has never responded to any of my earlier attempts to make... Continue reading
This is a good question and one that deserves some real in depth research (but not for the reasons that you may think of immediately.) Continue reading
This is possibly the start of a long discussion of things forest owners should understand. The links below are entry points to topics that have not entered into the discussion and research base of the forestry community in a meaningful way. These links are listed below for your use -... Continue reading
CLARITY: PURPOSE AND POTENTIAL by Alan Page, Green Diamond Systems, June, 2017 You GET what you ACCEPT. You Accept what you Understand. You Understand what you have Studied and come to Trust. Your Trust can be built from Familiarity in the absence of effective STUDY. What if our Trust has... Continue reading
It appears that discernment is needed when coming to grips with forestry information today. My position is that private forestry depends on the ability to bring fully "functional and beneficial" systems with long term benefit to the owners and hopefully the communities in which the ownerships exist. In that regard... Continue reading
This discussion provides a place to start to what is real. Continue reading
Find an entry point into the mass of information now being distorted for profit and figure out what fits for you and be able to involve others in the discussion. Continue reading
Every year as new forest management plans are developed it is necessary to look carefully at a massachusetts required document called "Stewardship Issues". Each year this section has gotten more complicated and the edits take more time than the writing of a plan. This year's section is like no other... Continue reading
..your piece raises more questions than it answers and yet I am optimistic that the veil of slavery and true exploitation may be about to end. Continue reading
Discernment - A Most Difficult Function The old advertising adage: something said with authority and often enough may become the accepted truth. This may be the easiest brainwashing tool for public and family figures to use to control anyone, but there are many more. None are immune from its effects.... Continue reading
Think you know what is going on? Think again. Continue reading
RAPID CHANGE is upon us in the form of "Disclosure" of some of the many suppressed, but fully functional, technologies that some humans are already using. The term disclosure does not come with any qualifier as to the depth or completeness or accuracy of what is being unveiled. Continue reading
This update on the performance of the Keshe Magravs Power Generator is provided in keeping with the principles advocated by Dr. Steven Greer for completely open discussion of repeatable practice with new technology. There are no claims of proprietary knowledge. The information is provided fre of obligations to anyone. The... Continue reading
This is an initial report of the first ten days of testing of a Keshe Magravs Plasma Power Generator. Continue reading
When has enough been said about a topic? How much can people absorb from a letter toe the editor? What controls what we get to use or support? These issues are discussed in a short piece about a series of items publied by a small local paper. Continue reading
If you have any illusions as to the current existence of CCS working here is a link that appears to be unbiased: Alan Page