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Astoria, New York
Maggie Gylenhaal in "Stranger than Fiction" plus a bra.
Interests: chocolate, cupcakes, fashion, sarcasm, cardigans, blogging, politics, baking, crafting, shoes, kittens, reading books other people find boring, vinyl lps, feeling superior, teh internetz, social safety nets, watching tv shows on dvd
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I have a new blog. I thought about going through my archives and only moving the things I really loved or still related to over to the new blog but that seemed disingenuous. Everything I've written on this blog has... Continue reading
I don't have a lot to say reflecting on the last year. There are changes I've made that've happened quietly and slowly and some I've jumped up and down excitedly about all over the internet and in real life. There... Continue reading
To this day, my mother still calls me Bunny, sometimes Bunny Rabbit. My father used to call me Rabbit. He probably still would. It's strange to me, this pet name used by both my parents. Anything shared by my parents... Continue reading
Source: via Alana on Pinterest For most of my life I haven't thought of myself as a creative. I'm not really sure why. I think I've always thought I was too straitlaced. I like rules and concrete plans and... Continue reading
I made a decision recently. I pretty big one. A secret one. Well, not really a secret, not an intentional secret, just a decision nobody knows I made. Nobody really knew was being made. It's made me happy and sad.... Continue reading
Sometimes I write things just to get them out of my head. I write them because they just keep going around and around in circles and I can't move past them. So sometimes I write things and in writing them... Continue reading
I'm in and out of the bell jar a lot lately. It's fine. I'm just tired. Always tired. I fall asleep at ten and wake up at 4, which, I'm sorry body, is not quite how this falling asleep early... Continue reading
Kerry/Bush was the first presidential election during which I was old enough to vote. The California gubernatorial recall had happened a few months before my 18th birthday in late 2007 and not being able to participate in the election that... Continue reading
Something you might not know about me: I'm very easily overstimulated, especially by sound. It doesn't make a lot of sense. I love New York City and concerts and going out dancing. Those things are all loud and I love... Continue reading
"I have to have something caffeinated or I'm just going to not function" "You hit a wall?' "Well I think I hit the wall like three days ago and now I'm like a roomba trying to get around a corner... Continue reading
I've been teetering on the edge for a while. Looking down into the hole and pretending not to notice that I've already started to fall. It's hard, I'm coming off the high of a busy, well spent Summer. A sad... Continue reading
Thank you. I agree. Right now the conversation just seems like a lot of women preaching to each other. I hope somebody write a post that hits home and gets men in on the conversation.
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I think it's the smaller things that are worse. The big things you can just pass off as one or two assholes or somebody that's mentally ill. But the little things, you can't. They get under your skin and remind you that it's not just one or two assholes, it's the whole system.
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It's just so angry making that with all the nonsense going on right now, men aren't standing up. It's like if I said "well, I'm not one of those people that calls gay people faggots, so I guess I don't need to do anything about those assholes who do". What kind of crazy logic is that?! Why are men so afraid to publicly advocate for women?
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Right? Where are our allies? It's not enough to privately tell me you agree or give yourself a pat on the back for not being one of those guys. Like, you didn't harass a woman today? Good for you, do you want a cookie?
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It's just too much right now, y'know? With the legitimate rape and forcible rape and the street harassment stories and men saying nothing. Even the good men, the men that I know would condemn all of those things in a private conversation, saying nothing publicly. I think I'm angrier at the good men right now than I am at the street harassers.
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“Do you ever get really angry?” he asks me, the implication being that he doubts it. “No, not really,” it’s an honest answer. I’m not an easily angered person. Annoyed, yes. Angered, no. “Well, actually, sometimes,” I revise my answer.... Continue reading
August isn't my favorite time of year. It's well documented. I haven't been writing about it, because there isn't anything to say that I haven't said before. I had a nasty Summer cold earlier this month, the worst deathaversary sick... Continue reading
I'm having a very New York month. Overscheduled, overindulgent, overwhelming, overpriced. I seem to be saying yes to everything this month. Pushing myself right up to the edge, dangerously close to teetering over. I'm simultaneously not ready for Summer to... Continue reading
I think it's only in the last month that the feeling of constantly treading water, of being in a never ending game of "catch up" just passed, and I don't know if it's a matter of finally feeling comfortable with... Continue reading
I was walking down 9th towards work the other day and I found myself thinking "it would be nice to go on a date" and then thinking "WHOA, who are you and what have you done with brain?". Here's the... Continue reading
Because my last post garnered some "oooo, what is this thing? I'm excited for you!" I feel like I should explain that mostly I meant that this thing had happened that made my grinchy heart grow back to an (almost)... Continue reading
I’ve been off the whole “love” thing for a while. I think it might be a thing New York does to you. Your life becomes full of rotating cast and crew with few permanent additions. I’ve had three friends move... Continue reading
I've been in my head a lot lately. My evenings consist of lying on my bed and staring at the ceiling while listening to albums all the way through. It might surprise you to know that I was out of... Continue reading