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Alan Bustamante, PMP, CSP
Cincinnati, OH
Making lives better through Agile software development practices is a reward in itself.
Interests: Professionally, I enjoy leading teams through Agile Project Management, mentoring software development teams on lean/agile best practices, transitioning companies from waterfall to iterative and incremental development practices, turning around projects, and creating value for an organization and the individual. I also enjoy giving back to the software development community through teaching classroom courses, writing, speaking and the Agile Project Leadership Network Houston ( Personally, I enjoy spending time with my beautiful fiancé, partner in life, and co-troublemaker, Hilary Flint, DO. She has the beautiful gift of healing children and families in ways others can’t, is way smarter than I could ever hope to be, and always keeps me on my toes. My immediate family, extended family, and friends; along with Hilary, they are my pillars of support. Scuba diving, mountain biking, and other adventure sports (in general, anything that will get my heart pumping). I also enjoy reading career related material; as well as, financial publications such as Money magazine and the Wall Street Journal (when I have the time).