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You say that you try to uphold democratic values but I see no evidence of the recognition of anyone's rights, or any kind of due process that you or any other moderator employs before punishing your "citizens" with your various and cruel forms of ostracism. So maybe what you are apologizing for in your essay is that you fail to run a republic based on laws which all its citizens must follow, and which no one is above. I suspect that what you actually run is a pure democracy where the tyranny of the herded majority is completely unrestrained. I myself have engaged in online communities since the mid 80s, on a topic that remains one of the nastiest on the Internet: Scientology. I've been kicked off of many, and they all share the same self-satisfied smugness - either Pro-Scientology or Con - that they are protecting the rest of the community from the "disruptive ones". The fact is that democracies can not stand the true individual who willfully stands apart from the herd. Look what they did to Socrates in the democracy of Athens 2500 years ago. And look - People like you still are still doing it today. For an online community to uphold all the ideals you seem to wish to forward, you must have due process - an objective, fair method of justice, where one's accusers must present their specific accusations to those accused, and for objective rules of evidence to be fairly applied to each, among other rudimentary system of laws which are built into republics. But that's too expensive in terms of time, energy, and tolerance for views which board owners and moderators would rather wipe with toilet paper from the typical message board. So don't kid yourself, or anyone else. You do not uphold democratic ideals, or recognize and uphold anyone's rights to the freedom of thought, or to the freedom of speech. You run a tyranny, a cruel and stupid tyranny of the majority, just like the Athens which destroyed Socrates. And you do this only because you can't be bothered to run anything else. So if you want to know what you are doing to people, and why people react so strongly to your stunted hubris, read this article: Alanzo
Toggle Commented Jun 5, 2011 on Suspension, Ban or Hellban? at Coding Horror
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Jun 4, 2011