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I think you should do a play. Any theatre company would be glad to welcome you into their ranks, and nothing hones an actor's craft like the instant feedback that only a theatre audience can provide. I've felt frequently that I've been drifting through life while contemporaries went on to bigger and better things, but since I got back into stage acting (only at the amateur level, but directed by retired professionals, to professional standards) I've been a lot happier. The opportunity to connect directly with an audience and bring a play to life is a privilege, and any actor's natural habitat. Typepad isn't playing nice with my Blogger login today, but I tend to talk a lot more about my acting stuff on than on my Livejournal.
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Wil had felt degraded and wrong throughout the smurf bukkake party, but then came the gentle holding and everything became All Right.
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Dec 5, 2010