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Once in a while, I just like to say thank you for your incredible generosity. Every time I read your blog, the pure ferocity of your passion and dedication to sharing it with all of us, it truly inspiring. THANK YOU for being you (two).
Toggle Commented Apr 18, 2009 on The Vegetable Project at IDEAS IN FOOD
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From a design standpoint, I thought it looked like a shampoo bottle too... As far as the ETHOS goes, I think it's great that they have actually raised 6.2 million for clean water, but have to wonder why people can't seem to be benevolent on their own and donate directly. Do people feel ethically cleansed by the 5 cent donation (that ends up costing more to recycle or clogs up the landfills)? Something is twisted here. I am reminded of how bizarre it was that people were willing to donate money to the animal victims of Katrina much more readily than to the families themselves. Hmmm... From the NYT: "The water-for-water link draws a mixed reaction from some observers. The Green Guide, which positions itself as the Consumer Reports of ecologically sound consumption, generally frowns on bottled water of any kind. Mindy Pennybacker, the editor of the Green Guide, says that this is partly because tap water tends to be better regulated and at least as healthful as most bottled varieties and also because the bottles themselves have a "huge environmental impact." (Recycling advocates contend that 90 percent of water bottles end up in landfills.) The Earth Policy Institute recently argued that producing the bottles to meet American demand consumes 1.5 million barrels of oil a year. You might at least wonder whether it wouldn't make more sense to donate $1.80 to one of the aid organizations Ethos backs and ask your barrista for tap water. Isn't this all a bit like an S.U.V. whose profits finance third-world alternative-energy projects?
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Best of luck to you both in the New Year. The East Coast says Welcome Back! Looking forward to reading about your new adventures, and know that with your talent, you'll land squarely on your feet. Thanks for your immense generosity!
Toggle Commented Dec 28, 2006 on Update at IDEAS IN FOOD
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There's nothing like the Nantucket Bays. I used to open them for a living and they are so sweet and fresh, right out of the shell. Lucky you! Glidden's or Sayle's Seafood are both longtime and terrifically reliable sources if you are looking into it...
Toggle Commented Nov 7, 2006 on Nantucket Bay Scallops at IDEAS IN FOOD
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