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It's no accident Cairo was built there. It was a highly strategic location back when river transport dominated (before cheap oil was so cheap). Maybe one day when oil is not cheap again all these river towns will come back (there are a few ghost towns and a few more towns in serious decline along the Mississippi between St. Louis and Cairo). For now, well, this isn't the beginning of the end for Cairo, more like the middle of the end, but it takes time for a town's population to organically decline...
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I think the critical point is that there is no actual limit to the paths that can be created, just a limit in some Win32 APIs. Those APIs have to stay the same for backwards-compatibility purposes. OK. So old programs won't be able to read long files. So the logical thing to do is create a new interface without the restriction that new code can use. There is a way to handle paths with lengths up to the filesystem's limit, but it doesn't support things like relative paths. Microsoft doesn't promote its use and doesn't in fact use it in its own software. This problem could go away eventually if simply new and useful API functions without the path limit were created, used throughout Microsoft's software, and promoted for use in all new software. If it had happened around the year 2000 most people would be blissfully unaware today (honestly, WinNT4 would have been a good time to do this, but it's never too late). If it happens tomorrow maybe we'll put this to rest by 2020. But it won't happen tomorrow. When I turn 40 I'll still be dealing with the path limit and I won't even have a flying car. Some future.
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Nov 22, 2010