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Rob, Mclain's 2 times at his pro day were 4.71 and 4.74. Some scouts had him anywhere between 4.69 - 4.74 . It depends on who's stopwatch i guess. It's still pretty good for a big guy like that. Anyway i'm outta here and watch out for that Many Me ALOCO.
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Rob , did you get my earlier post on NJ ? Also i think you have to consider Derrick Morgan. Miam likes him alot. They've talked to him and they feel he can play the rush OLB spot in the 3-4.
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Later bootang. maybe aloco can continue talking to himself as SteveO , tomashas , mosi . NJ ,cobra kai or even you , rob or myself.
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tomashas or should i say ALOCO. Does the truth hurt about you ? We know about you on here. How's mosi and cobra kai ?
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Rob in OC. Steveo isn't NJ. In fact NJ hasn't been on here in quite a few days. I thing he mentioned he was going away for a few days or for te weekend. When did you ever see NJ back away from having a discussion with anyone on here ? He's straight in your face and doesn't hide behind anything. I have felt his wrath a few times. I think it's that many me ALOCO guy. He also posed as a 15 year old Hawaiian kid named Mosi.
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Mar 13, 2010