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Gaiman: "When it rides bandwagons, it’s irritating." I've never been able to understand what he meant by that. Search? Google wasn't first to that. Web-based e-mail? Google wasn't first to that. News aggregator? Not the first. Smartphone? Not the first. Browser? Not the first. In terms of high quality products that they've actually delivered, when has Google done anything except hop on bandwagons? Re: Events. This is not meant to be shitty and I hope you won't interpret it that way: You're famous. And that does change the way you use the tool. And Google probably should have taken that into account before rolling out a beta test of this functionality. Furthermore, speaking as someone not-famous I was really, really annoyed when I discovered that G+ events people invited me to were being automatically added to my Google Calendar. With that being said: I absolutely desire an event-planning tool to be part of my social networking platform. Even more than that, it was Facebook's event-planning functionality that originally got me to create a Facebook account. And nothing has distressed me more than watching Facebook systematically break their event functionality in every way possible to make it a less useful and a less universal tool. One of the key ways Facebook has broken their event-planning functionality is by preventing users from inviting people who aren't their friends. So I would consider it hugely problematic for Google to do the same. Now, with that being said, Google has a unique challenge: G+ is as much a blogging/twitter platform as it is a social networking tool and that presents unique challenges. As I said, Google should have realized that being able to target people you follow with event invites would have a distinctly different result than being able to target people you're Facebook friends with and/or have an e-mail address for. And G+, in general, would benefit hugely from giving me a lot more control over what does and does not show up in my feed. So I think there are a lot of issues here that Google can and should be addressing. But I don't think we need to paint them as mustachioed villains because their beta test is a failure. (Now their decision to make it so that G+ huddles can only be used on your phone and you can't access them from a web browser? That's pure villainy. I'm unleashing the laser sharks as we speak.)
Toggle Commented Jun 30, 2012 on Google is doing it wrong. Again. at WWdN: In Exile
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"I wish Google would leave the Social Network thing to others. When Google does what it does, and does it well, it changes the world. When it rides bandwagons, it’s irritating." Man, ain't that the truth. This is why I was totally opposed to Google riding the bandwagon of search... of e-mail... of smartphones... of internet video... Wait. Google has never done anything except ride bandwagons.
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May 6, 2012