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It's funny how after Jack tried removing his eyeball, the mole weasel (aka Walt Cummings, aka the traitor, aka the patriot) loses 1/ his sly look 2/ his mean and suspicious voice to become some sort of wishy-washy squirrel, who can't even take a phone call. On the contrary, Jack is probably the only man on earth who can stay sexy (and actually increase his mojo) by threatening someone to slice his eyeball ... By the way did they (Jack and Aaron) really think that President Logan was going to fire them when they turned themselves up ?? I can just imagine Jack telling Aaron: "I'm Jack Bauer, don't worry, it's the fifth time this happens to me. Trust me! I have turned myself up about 10 times and yet here I still am!!!" What a great cooperation just for the love of David Palmer. (I know David Palmer was a great guy and everything, but this sort of fascination for him seems just a bit too much, no?)
Toggle Commented Feb 2, 2006 on 24 at Dave Barry's Blog