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simple scrapbooker, wabi-sabi traveller
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A very timely reminder to make sure we enjoy the beauty around us ... I don't often buy flowers for inside, I have to say - more of a treat, but when I do, I always appreciate them. My Mum could do wonders with a few cut flowers and some hedgerow greenery. Your watercolour really brings out the qualities of those alstroemerias.
Oh, I am so thrilled! Yeay! What stars you all are ... I hope there have been celebrations and joy - I will be toasting you this evening!
Toggle Commented May 4, 2017 on and the winners are... at Morning Glory Studio
Another very fine quilt ... I hope you win the raffle :). And a great accomplishment to keep posting so regularly and interestingly (is that a word?). I always love popping in here!
What a splendid mosaic! How terrific to see you in front of your own - though we could do with a nice big solo photo! (You are too midest in adding yourself onto the bottom). Sending warmest congratulations :).
Toggle Commented May 4, 2017 on Quilts, Glorious Quilts... at Morning Glory Studio
You are doing well on the organisational front, Honoré :). Looking forward to your Week In The Life - I'm not doing one this year, as I can barely keep up with living everday life as it happens, let alone record it. That's a very pretty clutch of eggs you have there. Our acers are only just beginning to unfurl one or two leaves here ...
Sending you warmest good wishes for happy days for you both! You've cheered up my evening with such prettily coloured photos ...
Oh gosh, that sounds hard ... I've downsized my scrapbooking stuff several times and part of me would love to give everything away apart from plain white paper and colouring pencils! Is there a day-care hospice or project for older people in a care home, for example, where people might be making memory books etc.? Wishing you every success with it all.
Toggle Commented Apr 17, 2017 on What To Do With Unwanted Stuff at Odds and Ends
What a lovely place to introduce us to ... Glorious colour and shapes. We have a conservatory in town here, and I wish it had seats because I could spend all day in it!
Bother the allergies :(. My little grandson is allergic to birch pollen and it makes his eyes so sore ... Hoping it doesn't last too long for you. Woo-hoo - five days without the TV? Are you sure you want that part to arrive? Lovely irises - such a strong blue.
Brilliant news! I just love that happy photo of you second down on the left :). Well done times a squillion, as my DS used to say.
Toggle Commented Mar 23, 2017 on success ... at Morning Glory Studio
I didn't know this poet's (or artist's) work so thank-you for both. And lovely to know a bit more about your own heritage. I wondered about your name - how romantic and delightful your mother fell in love with it and saved it for you! And such a warm, respectful family life you've enjoyed ...
Ah, what a lovely photo - such delightful smiles. Wishing Dolly a Happy Birthday (I have an Auntie Dolly too!). That binding sounds a nightmare - I so admire your persistence and determination.
What a pretty-looking planner ... I am trying to resist the temptation to google. You find the loveliest things. We're not noticing Spring here yet - days of heavy rain, flooded flower-beds and general gloom.
I like anything with Zen in the title :). Slow, mindful clothwork would be lovely. I really need to start ... I have that Stitch Stories book too - doesn't the cover have a delicious feel?
Toggle Commented Mar 22, 2017 on spring preview: stitchin' at Morning Glory Studio
I can't wait to feel the warmer, drier air - though it can feel there is so much to do! Taking Annie's approach sounds much more relaxing. It will be nice to wear less for walking too ...
Toggle Commented Mar 22, 2017 on saturday's walk... at Morning Glory Studio
Oooh, that's exciting news about your beautiful quilt! I do like the photo of Norman :).
I sympathise about too many open Windows - except this is how it feels in my brain and I am running out of RAM ... I need to close some tabs I think :). I like your cheerful Waterlogue and hope that you will have had some brightness by now.
I am amazed at the St. Patrick's Day parade! I was brought up in Ireland and never saw one once ... It looks like such a lot of fun, and everyone seems to be having a good time (including the much-kissed military!). Your card for Tracy is perfect - a great companion for travelling through life.
I don't know about Bill Ding(s) but the much worn and loved book I do :). Lovely montage ...
Well, that's a sophisticated kind of pencil sharpener! My DD would love one - I shall have to investigate :). And a lovely, bright photo. I love some of those book title: off to google!
Wow! Huge congratulations are in order! I think my blog is older but wouldn't have half the number of posts you have! And to blog for months consecutively is another mega-achievement. I am always behind in catching, and looking forward to reading backwards, so as to speak. Blog friendship is indeed, lovely.
Your waterlogued photo is just stunning ... Thank for the heads up about the skies. I'll let Himself know - he'll be keen to get the telescope out!
That's a beautiful tapestry of plants and stones ... Great inspiration for a quilt, if you're looking :). Those candy hearts with a message on are called Love Hearts over here, and they're made in a sweet factory about ten miles away!
Toggle Commented Feb 8, 2017 on 7 on tues, the 7th... at Morning Glory Studio
Wey-hey! Is it done? Getting ready to pirouette :).
Toggle Commented Feb 5, 2017 on hurry sundown... at Morning Glory Studio
Kim Manley Ort is new to me, so thank-you for the info. I am so looking forward to seeing how this develops for your during the year. The photos you've posted are already lovely! I was wondering if you also knew about Kim Klassen's classes? I enjoyed her Be Still and My Still Sunday last year.
Toggle Commented Feb 5, 2017 on Contemplative Photography at random reflections