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simple scrapbooker, wabi-sabi traveller
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Oh golly, it's hard when we can't get to sleep :(. I think if I'd had a chance to be in your lovely studio, I'd be so entranced I wouldn't have slept either! The worst thing I find is that if I wake one night, I seem to get into a pattern of it for a few days. Taking lots of walks so I'm physically tired, not drinking fluids after 8 p.m., and writing lists so I'm not carrying anything in my head usually seems to do the trick. Hoping you find something that works ...
Toggle Commented Nov 18, 2015 on sleepless... at Morning Glory Studio
How glorious to have had such a nice day for your special celebration! Sending you warmest congratulations, Honoré, and wishing you many more happy birthdays to come :). Did Norman play Happy Birthday on the sax for you?
I love that mason jar - you've used it again with such great effect. Your shabby chic is definitely on the elegant and clean side :). And I think we have all been affected this weekend ...
Toggle Commented Nov 15, 2015 on Card Concept Challenge at random reflections
Woah, great to see Norman with that sax! He looks like a pro - I'd have been mesmerised too. Love that mirror shot, front and back - what a little sweetheart.
So touched that although you are on the other side of 'the pond', you have been thinking of you all over here ... Your MSQT has a restful-but-engaged-with-the-world sound today.
Toggle Commented Nov 15, 2015 on MSQT this morning... at Morning Glory Studio
Well done on that win! And so interesting to have the story outline woven through with glimpses of your quilt - a lovely read today.
Toggle Commented Nov 13, 2015 on Every Quilt Tells A Story... at Morning Glory Studio
Isn't it infuriating? As a Typepad user myself, I have given up on trying to comment from Typepad because it keeps failing to recognise me. I just use a google address instead.
Toggle Commented Nov 13, 2015 on Typepad to Blogspot Commenting at Odds and Ends
How great that just when you were short of inspiration, something so fascinating turned up :). That's a sweet photo of you all, and good to know that Johnny was fine, in the end. I loved your description of all the things you did together - it reminded me of being about six and out with the neighbourhood children trying to trap wasps in jamjars!
Toggle Commented Nov 12, 2015 on Me: A - Z | P…Playmates at Morning Glory Studio
Nice to see you smiling together - and yes, I did think you were holding hands :). Sorry you've not been feeling so good though, and I hope the punk-y feeling shifts itself very soon. Your decking is looking very smart, isn't it? Hoping you enjoy the making for plans, even if the decluttering isn't up to much!
Toggle Commented Nov 11, 2015 on Me on Monday at Odds and Ends
How nice to get a glimpse of him, albeit in watercolour! I can just imagine him singing as he busies himself at the worktop ... Thanking him, and all veterans, for their service and what it has meant for future generations.
I am always interested in how people use/decide to use their time so this has been a very helpful read, Karen, and thank-you for showing us your pages and how they help you. I like the bit about creating a compelling environment. I've been making 'mini-environments' and it's working well! I fear I may have to google that book ...
Oh my goodness, what splendid photos - you did well to capture this! Isn't he a lovely colour and texture? I like his slightly grumpy expression: "Who are you lookin' at, kiddo ..".
Wow, that's a wonderful story - and especially since you have the original bit of paper. Now there's a memory-keeper for you!
I've not heard of rainbow catchers before, but I suspect they need more sunlight to work than we get! A lovely list - we used to sing the rainbow song with our children ... Nice to be reminded on a grey November day that there is always colour somewhere in the world.
Toggle Commented Nov 11, 2015 on I can sing a rainbow... at Morning Glory Studio
We don't have the tradition of using the month of November for giving thanks here, but I think it's a lovely one. It's the small things that make up every day that I like to notice and rejoice in - but first I have to slow down to make sure I do. The saxaphone? My favourite too!
Your desk looks wonderfully hopeful and promising :). I have, as you know, loved journals for a long time but there are times when for some reason I just get out of the way of using one - and everything suffers. Having just been through such a patch, and worked through the resistance to starting again, I am following your lead on quiet morning time and getting up at six to stretch, then have a cup of tea and check my diary and sort a loose plan for the day. So far, so good. I now need an evening one too!
So many beautiful photos here, from the lovely cherubs, through the growl-y Caleb, the very sweet 'back' photo, and the adorable pumpkin. Not to mention that Chicago view which could go on a poster. Thank-you for letting us peek into your very busy and activity-filled world :).
How lovely to hear such an upbeat and positive tone so early in the morning! (And I like your Scotty dogs ...). I used to use Day One but am not sure what happened - I think they changed to format at one point and I didn't like it. But listening to your enthusiasm, I am semi-tempted :). Looking forward to hearing more about the EQST - bracketing the day like this sounds wonderful.
Many congratulations to Norman - that's a great age to get to, and to still be fit and active! Wishing you both many more full and happy years :). Your haiku is truly lovely ...
Your cards are stunning - I am in awe of how detailed those little shaker tags are. And the paper bugs (spiders?) are great and such a wonderful idea, even if they kept Grandma occupied rather than the little ones! As my own Littlies are far away, I have been able to completely ignore Hallowe'en :).
Toggle Commented Nov 1, 2015 on Happy Halloween at random reflections
Now there's a story to stitch! Funny how we remember some lessons really well ... Soaping windows? Now that's not something I've ever heard of. Hoping it doesn't make its way over here! Great to read your childhood reminiscence.
Toggle Commented Nov 1, 2015 on "Wicked"... at Morning Glory Studio
Drifting is a word which has been much in my thoughts this last week, so I am smiling at the synchronicity. I know it's just what I need to do right now, but circumstances seem to be demanding my full engagement - unlike your little charges all those years ago! Such a lovely photo ...
My goodness, that's a lot of lovely pages! I think the Spooky is my favourite, but there is son much to admire in your colour choices, and experimenting with watercolours. Hoping the routine falls into place after the upheaval :).
Toggle Commented Oct 30, 2015 on Halloween Layouts at Life's Trivialities
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Wow, these are just stunning! What glorious colours and shapes you have there ... It was just about this time of year half a dozen years ago that we visited Washington and I was just bowled over by the trees and the depth of the leaves on the ground.Glad to know the flower quilt is progressing well. (I was wondering if you knew you can use your ordinary keyboard for accented characters? On a Mac, press Alt, then the letter you want twice. In Windows, I think DH holds Alt down, types 0201, then releases Alt.)
I've got a smile on my face too! There is something about zoos and children ... How fascinating to have seen the different species helping each other out - perhaps we're entering a new phase of evolution!
Toggle Commented Oct 29, 2015 on Pairs at the Zoo at random reflections